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Staff Directory

Administration and Office Staff

Principal: Will Anderson Favorite Things
Secretary: Teri Edell Favorite Things • Wishlist

Office Support: Kendra Bicardo Favorite Things

Teaching Teams


Kindergarten Website
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Chris Whitten • Room K-2 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Nicole Cunha • Room K-1 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

First Grade

Mimi Reddick • Room A-1 • Favorite Things

Nicole Camarda (Favorite Things) and John Peregoy (Favorite Things) • Room A-2

Second Grade

Jackie Berringer • Room C-12 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Tracey Osterman • Room C-10 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Debra Sullivan • Room C-10 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Anne Shaver • Room C-11 • Favorite Things

Third Grade

Ali DeGuia Bumgarner • Room B-5  • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Ryan Long • Room B-7 • Favorite Things

Fourth Grade

Megan Liebman • Room D-14  • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Mariah Caceres • Room D-16 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Hannah Dye • Room D-13 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Fifth Grade

Liz Naughton • Room E-4  • Favorite Things

Amy Krause • Room E-6 • Favorite Things

Kindergarten - Third Grade Tara Costello • Room C-9  • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Kristin McGee • Room D-15 • Favorite Things • Wishlist

K-5 Intervention Support Team

Julie McKeon • Room A-2 • Favorite Things

Aparna Budraja • Room A-2  • Favorite Things • Wishlist

Physical Education, Music, Art, Aftercare

Music/Choir Samantha Nickel
Music Band Mercedes Castro
Music Orchestra Shahrazad Vakharia
Art Teacher K-5 Paula Ockner • Favorite Things
Physical Education K-5 Alex Wahl • Favorite Things
San Rafael Aftercare Gabriela Farias
Recreation Reimagined Aftercare Mobina Shakeri


Librarian - Monday-Wednesday Rochelle Simurdiak • Favorite Things
Librarian - Thursday and Friday Liz Rouman • Favorite Things

Instructional Assistants, Resource, & Support

Instructional Support Team, K-5

Instructional Support Team, K-5

Counseling Support 
  • New Perspectives/BACR
    • Eliza Cummings
  • Miller Creek District Counseling
Educational Resources and Support 
  • Psychologist -  TBD
  • Patricia Ramos - Speech Therapist
  • Lori Flanagan- Ed. Resource Specialist/Teacher
  • Kelly Glossop- District Instructional Technology Coach
  • Julie McKeon - Intervention Lead 
  • Health Specialist - Susie Urquhart 
  • Megan Fuller- Occupational Therapist
  • Jordan Olenberger - Occupational Therapist
  • Gabby Farias, After Care, San Rafael
  • Mobina, After Care, Recreation Reimagined
Custodial Support
  • Oril Erole - Head Custodian • Favorite Things
  • Jose Gonzales - Night Custodian