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Equity & Inclusion

2021-2022 Equity and Inclusion

DEI Purpose

Established in 2016-2012, this team recognizes that a diverse school community alone is not enough. We seek to build on this commitment by striving to create a truly inclusive school: one where students and adults are welcomed and supported, and where their faces, voices, and experiences are reflected and valued. We believe that the work of inclusion is a responsibility held by all and done for all, person to person

​Lucas Valley programs & events where students and adults are welcomed and supported: Welcoming Schools, Kindness Week, Life-skills/ Assemblies, Beyond Differences- No One Eats Alone, Professional Development- Courageous Conversations, Multicultural Festival, and Mindful Practices

We will meet 4-5 x times per year to provide site engagement that generates actions in support of the District equity statement.

Our Lion DEI Committee will support the District Equity Statement by:

  • Promoting and celebrating diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in a variety of ways including school-wide gatherings, cultural events, workshops, parent education, and community conversations.

  • Providing all members of the community with a supportive space and the tools to learn about, discuss and ask questions about issues and topics related to diversity and identity.

  • Collaborating with the District Equity Committee

  • Serving as a liaison between our Home and School Club parent organization, School Site Council, and the District Equity Committee. 

Membership: These gatherings are open to all members of the community at all times.

Core Team 2021-2022: TBD

Meeting dates: TBD

Link to agendas: TBD

Want to learn more?
Please contact Mr. Anderson, Principal at Lucas Valley Elementary for more info and how to get involved!